3 Scenic Drives in Indiana that Showcase its Beauty

Scenic Indiana | Evansville, IN
Scenic Indiana | Evansville, IN

The roads that wind through the Hoosier State will lead you through lovely open spaces, bustling cities, and quaint small towns. For a closer look at its unique charms, check out the following scenic drives in Indiana.

Go Back In Time

Indiana holds 152 miles of the Historic National Road in its heart. It runs between the cities of Terre Haute and Richmond. A drive along the Historic National Road incorporates landmarks such as the Rufus and Amanda Black House, which is just one of the many historic buildings preserved in Philadelphia. An 1800s log cabin is nestled east of Cumberland.

Natural Wonders

Start in Clarksville and end in Greendale to experience part of the Ohio River Scenic Byway. This 92-mile stretch of asphalt will give you a beautiful view of the Ohio River and the state’s lush farmland. The rural scenery is a feast for your senses and may inspire an outdoor adventure or two.

Weekend Riders

The 47-mile journey along Route 10 between Etna Green and Winamac shows off Indiana’s farmland and rolling hills. Most likely you’ll share this stretch of road with local motorcycle club members who appreciate the tranquility of the two-lane road and its proximity to Winamac’s Kerstings Harley Davidson and Motorcycle Museum.

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