Affordable Hyundai Venue SUV Proves Value with 5-Year Cost to Own Award

2022 Hyundai Venue SEL | Evansville, IN

The Venue is a relatively new addition to the Hyundai lineup at Evansville Hyundai, yet already this subcompact SUV is raking in an abundance of awards. Its latest accolade is from Kelley Blue Book. The vehicle valuation organization recognized the Hyundai Venue as an affordable investment for your dollar, bestowing a 5-Year Cost to Own award on it.

The Hyundai Venue is practically synonymous with value, as the model was added to the brand’s lineup as a more affordable alternative to upscale Hyundai crossovers like the Kona and Tucson. That affordability clearly extends beyond the initial purchase price, as evidenced by the 5-Year Cost to Own accolade from KBB.

That’s because Kelley Blue Book takes into account all the potential costs that Venue owners may face over the first five years, such as insurance fees, maintenance costs, gas consumption, and even depreciation. KBB is confident in its prediction because it’s the third year in a row the affordable Hyundai Venue received a 5-Year Cost to Own award — ever since it debuted.

The Venue is perfect for in-city driving, as it’s made to be fuel-efficient and capable in stop-and-go traffic. It excels at being a value-oriented commuter vehicle in urban settings — like right here in Evansville, Indiana.

If the Venue sounds like the compact crossover for you and your wallet, find it here at Evansville Hyundai. We pride ourselves on being the go-to car dealership in Evansville for drivers who want quality, affordable rides.

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