Hyundai Kicks Off Football Season With “Safeties First” Campaign

2018 Hyundai Elantra GT | Evansville, IN

Autumn means a lot of things – changing seasons, hot chocolate, bonfires, and, of course, watching football as the new season goes into full swing. Hyundai decided to stay on theme with its new “Safeties First” campaign, which uses football terminology to highlight the importance of having a backup plan in case of emergency, and in many cases, preventing the emergency in the first place.

Smart Safety Features

In football, “safeties” are defensive backs that act as a protective barrier in front of the scrimmage line. In the new ad campaign, Hyundai draws a parallel between the position and their vehicles’ smart safety features. Automatic emergency braking senses impending collisions and applies the brakes for you, while Lane Departure Warning alerts you if you start to drift out of your lane. Additionally, Traction Control, Blind Spot Detection, and many other advanced systems help make driving safer and more convenient.

IIHS Top Safety Picks

However, the Hyundai “Safeties First” campaign isn’t a perfect analogy. Safeties in football are meant to confront their opponent head-on, while Hyundai’s safety technology is intended to avoid the collision before it happens. But that’s exactly what earned Hyundai five IIHS Top Safety Picks, and what makes their safety tech so great. Come check out Hyundai’s lineup today here at Evansville Hyundai.

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