Top 5 DIY Home Decor Ideas

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Are you getting tired of perusing the same home decor trends in stores and online? Has your Pinterest board gotten stale? These DIY home decor ideas won’t just help you save money; they’ll also add an original, personalized touch to your home that you won’t be able to buy at IKEA.

Make Wooden Candleholders

This is as easy as pulling a fallen branch out of your yard. Whether you want to set it upright for a larger candle or lengthwise for tealights, carve a properly-sized hole out of the branch to put candles in.

Bookshelves in Unique Shapes

Do you want a bookshelf that looks like a tree? What about a grid, or invisible “floating bookshelves”? There are plenty of tips and tricks on how to create your own unique design online.

Use a Wooden Barrel

If you love that rustic look, instead of just jumping for the obvious tricks like mason jars and weathered window frames, make a nightstand or a sink out of a wooden barrel.

Use Jars as Photo Frames

Empty, washed, and unlabeled jars can make great “frames” for photographs! Mason jars are the classic option, but you can also use glass milk bottles and baby food jars.

Recycle Old Instruments

Have an old guitar or a broken hand-me-down piano? Give it new life by reusing it as a flower pot or other fixture in your garden.

These DIY home decor ideas will get your creativity going. If you need a vehicle to transport all of these DIY supplies, then stop into Evansville Hyundai in Evansville, IN today. 

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