Hyundai’s Rear Occupant Alert System

Hyundai is truly innovative when it comes to safety, and their latest features prove that. While it’s difficult to imagine forgetting that your child or pet in sitting behind you, it unfortunately does happen very often. This is why Hyundai created Rear Occupant Alert.

Ultrasonic Sensors

This “better safe than sorry” system detects when somebody is sitting in the rear seat, which sounds similar to technologies that already exist. However, since it can be hard to detect a child’s weight, or since you often store cargo in your rear seat, Hyundai is going a different route. Instead, they are using ultrasonic sensors that detect movement instead of weight.

The benefit of these sensors is that a child will be detected no matter what they weigh. It detects the movement throughout the drive, but if it senses movement after the car has been turned off, the system will display an in-dash reminder message.

A Couple More Alerts

This system goes even goes a step further. If the driver has left the vehicle and the rear seat is still occupied, the car’s horn will beep and its lights will flash. If that’s not enough, a message will be sent to the driver’s phone through Hyundai’s Blue Link system, notifying them that movement was detected in the rear seat.

Currently, Hyundai is looking at incorporating these features in 2019 models. If you have any questions about Hyundai’s impressive line of safety systems, bring them with you to Evansville Hyundai.

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